Malcolm Higgins joined us in February 2018 and helps out at our Fundraising Hub. Having undergone surgery at Bristol Heart Institute in 2016, Malcolm decided to volunteer for us as a way of giving back for the outstanding care he received. Here's what he had to say:

How did you first hear about Above & Beyond?

In 2016, Professor Ascione performed 13 hours of surgery on me at Bristol Heart Institute for aortic dissection. I was made aware of the charity due to the prominence of Above & Beyond posters and placards around the hospital, and then went online to find out more.

When I'd made the decision to start volunteering, I filled in the volunteer application form, sent it to Lindsey (Volunteer Coordinator) and started covering shifts in the Fundraising Hub in February. I'm happy to help out with anything that's wanted. 

Even though it's new to you, what do think you'll get out of volunteering? 

You meet new people and I suppose it is a feeling of satisfaction that you're helping a little bit. It’s the least I can do to contribute a few hours to charity after what the staff did for me at Bristol Heart Institute. Secondly, I’m retired – officially anyway – so I do have time now to commit to it. Especially since, thanks to Professor Ascione, I’m actually perfectly fit to do things like this.