Retired Malcolm Higgins was admitted to hospital as an emergency in 2016, where he was found to have a Type A Aortic Dissection, a tear in the wall of a major artery carrying blood away from the heart.

He was taken to the Bristol Heart Institute where he had 12 hours of surgery and a pacemaker fitted. 

Now, to say thank you for his “phenomenal care”, Malcolm has become a volunteer for Above & Beyond.

He lends his skills wherever they are needed, including helping at the Fundraising Hub at the Bristol Royal Infirmary and helping at events.

He said:

I can repay a little of what I have received from BRI and BHI as well as providing an opportunity to meet new people and use some of the skills acquired over the years.

It’s a very rewarding job. As well as raising money from sales at the shop, a great many people pass by – some of whom clearly would like to talk, often about a spouse or son or daughter who is being cared for in the hospital.

It is a pleasure to be getting to know the staff who run the charity. They are a wonderful enthusiastic and friendly group who make you feel part of the team.

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