45 Years by Beth Calverley

45 years of salvaged endings,

of storms bottled like stories,

of tiny hearts still beating,

of worry monsters conquered. 

45 years of thank you smiles,

of nights spent sitting by love ones' beds,

of rescued relief like an old friend,

of the mountains climbed and hurdles left. 

45 years of sky dive eyes

looking back across miles of time

to help the local lives

we recognise in fellow smiles.

45 years of extra therapy,

of playtime spent despite the tests,

of the right equipment making space for rest,

of memories and gratitude and getting it off our chests. 

For all these years, the heart of helpfulness has warmed.

So thank you for the time given. For all the gifts and wishes granted.

You make it so that dreams don't stop when worries start. 

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