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Thanks to our amazing supporters, we have been able to continue funding the Bristol city centre hospitals and Weston General hospital shuttle buses, while ensuring they remain free of charge for all staff, patients and visitors. 

We know how worrying a hospital visit can be and with limited parking available near the hospitals, the free buses are an essential service in our community. If you'd like to support the hospital bus service, you can make a donation here. Whatever you can give will be greatly appreciated by us and the 2,000 staff, patients and visitors who use the buses every month. Thank you! 


Hospital bus timetables

Download the latest Bristol and Weston hospital shuttle bus timetables below.

For more information about travelling to and from our hospitals, visit the UHBW NHS website

For timetable or bus service enquiries, please contact the UHBW NHS Transport Team at [email protected].



The free shuttle bus service runs Monday to Friday.

Bristol Temple Meads - Bristol Eye Hospital - Bristol Royal Infirmary - Bristol Haematology and Oncology Centre - St Michael's Hospital

Latest bus timetables valid from 24th March 2024 until further notice

Download the Bristol hospital bus timetable pdf


The free shuttle bus service runs Monday to Friday.

Weston General Hospital - Weston-super-Mare train station - Bristol Royal Infirmary. 

Latest bus timetables valid from 24th March 2024 until further notice

Download the Weston Hospital Bus timetable pdf 


Live location hospital bus tracker

For a live location of the hospital bus:

  1. Download the Radius Velocity app on Android or iOS
  2. Log in with the following details: 
    [email protected]
  3. Click 'Telematics', then 'Live Map' for a live location of the hospital bus.
 When the weather's bad, or if I'm in a rush, I catch your brilliant bus service. I only work part-time and earn the minimum wage, so having the free service makes a big difference to me.

Funded by you

A big thanks to our generous donors and fundraisers who help us fund this valuable bus service each year.

Stewart Cundy, UHBW Sustainable Transport and Travel Manager, said: “Bristol & Weston Hospitals Charity has been generous in providing grant money of £36,000 per year to enable the Trust to retain this much-needed and valuable service, which has been operating since 1994."

Bristol and Weston Hospital bus timetable

Donate today to help support this free service  

Free Bristol hospital shuttle bus “The location of the Bristol city centre hospitals mean that the journey can be very daunting even for people that are healthy and able bodied due to the steep hill from Lower Maudlin Street to much of the site."

"The difficulty for patients and visitors on reaching their appointments on time due to a lack of parking causes stress and anxiety. The provision of a free bus service seeks to remove this element of stress and promote ease of access to our hospitals for all."

“There are also indirect patient health benefits with the provision of the bus, as at full capacity it can carry 29 people which is approximately 10 cars avoiding journeys to our hospitals, reducing the emissions and making the air around our hospitals cleaner."

"I'd like to thank Bristol & Weston Hospitals Charity for their ongoing support of this service."


Bristol & Weston Hospitals Charity is proud to help fund the free hospital shuttle bus service. Together with your donations, we can bring more moments of joy, comfort and hope to those who need it most across all ten UHBW hospitals.

Please help us continue to do more great things for our hospitals 

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