Christmas is a time for love and caring, sharing cheer and spreading joy. It's also a time to remember those we have unfortunately lost.

BWHC staff member Matt, has written a poem in reflection of the loved ones that who are no longer with us. 

Year on year, Christmas comes
Year on year, it goes.
Time and time we ask ourselves;
'I wonder, will it snow?'

The tree goes up, the tinsel shimmers;
The glitter and the candles.
Presents wrapped, stockings stuffed,
On mantelpiece they dangle.

It's all done, for now at least,
You're sure there's something more...
You take a breath, sit and think,
Gazing through the door.

Memories of loved ones passed,
The joy, the pain, the tears.
Suddenly you're filled with woe;
Resurgence of old fears.

Push back the grey, embrace the light,
And really let it shine.
Light a Star and celebrate
That love this Christmas time.

Celebrate the life of someone you miss and keep their memories shining bright by sharing a message on our special Light A Star dedication page. 

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