7th August 2023

Two years ago, aged 34, Chris Fenwick was diagnosed with lung cancer, which he later found out was incurable. 

As part of his 'goals and dreams' list, Chris has been fundraising for Bristol & Weston Hospitals Charity.

He said...

On 6th February 2021, I heard those dreaded words you never think you’ll never be told: “I’m afraid you have lung cancer.”

Chris is having treatment for lung cancerRoll back to 12 months earlier and I had an irritating little cough that didn’t want to go away and worsening shortness of breath. After multiple attempts to see the GP, I finally gave in and saw a doctor privately who sent me for some tests. The tests confirmed a tumour on my lung the size of an orange. After weeks of seeing specialists in Bristol and London I finally found out that I have a rare tumour called a neuroendocrine tumour, more commonly known as carcinoid cancer. 

Last year I found out there was secondary disease across 14 vertebrae, my pelvis, shoulders, shoulder blades, left femur, butt bone, fifth rib and the base of my skull. I’ve been told the secondary cancer is incurable. I’ve been given a 12-18 month prognosis depending on what further treatments I respond to and can access. I'm currently on 16 pills a day with a monthly injection. The Everolimus treatment is currently doing its thing and I've had scans recently which shows the disease is stable and so the clock has reset again. 

I have also made a goals and dreams list in the hope that this can keep me busy. Some things are for benefiting others and some are to try and make memories and do the things we’ve not been able to do because of the illness. 

  • See the Northern Lights
  • Get married to my partner Gemma after cancelling two wedding dates
  • Watch a Man United match in a box - ticked off thanks to Melksham Motor Spares
  • Watch a day at The Ashes - postponed due to the rain! 
  • Raise money for Bristol & Weston Hospitals Charity - ongoing
  • Raise £5k for Neuroendocrine Cancer UK
  • Spend more time at the coast with Arnie (miniature Dachshund) and Gemma - ticked off and more trips planned
  • Explore Italy in a super car 
  • Appear on a game show 
  • Learn to make pizza and pasta the Italian way 
  • Learn Italian 
  • Watch basketball at Madison Square Gardens 
  • Watch a show on Broadway, plus an American road trip in a muscle car 
  • Complete a banger rally in the UK or Europe.

I kicked off my fundraising with a charity fundraising match on 1st July. I was joined by friends old and older – a great example of what a great support network I have around me. It was great to feel somewhat normal again and involved a sport I love.

Next up is a charity cricket match on 13th August, as well as a raffle and auction.

So far I’ve raised more than £9,000 for both charities and to make some dreams come true.

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