19 February 2020

Full of tips and ideas - our 'How to' guides are a great way to help you smash your fundraising target! Whether you're looking to raise a little or a large amount there's something for everyone.

This time, Community Partnerships Fundraising Officer Natalie talks you through how to organise a pub quiz.

Whether you’re the host with the most or simply organising the event, a pub quiz could raise a lot towards your fundraising total.

The first step is to find a venue for your quiz and a host who’ll be the presenter for the night. They need to be confident, but it doesn’t have to be you!

It’s best to charge everyone, either individually or as a team, for entering the quiz. You could either sell tickets in advance or collect cash on the night. We recommend charging around £5 per person.

The next step is to spread the word! Tell people what you’re doing and all about Above & Beyond. The more people who attend, the more money you’ll make.

Now you need to write your questions. Aim for a few different rounds with different themes so there’s something for everyone, but have a break in the middle for people to get drinks or food. Be creative and keep it fun – you could have a music round, a film round or even a plasticine round!

Take some Above & Beyond collection buckets with you on the night for any additional donations. Don’t forget answer sheets and plenty of pens too.

For prizes you can use anything from a donated item, an unwanted Christmas present or a bottle of something. It’s up to you whether you just do a first prize or have runner up prizes too.

And that’s it – so let’s get quizzical!