24 March 2020

Our latest 'how to' guide is something a little bit different - a virtual quiz! Hosting a virtual quiz is a great way to keep you connected to your friends and family while raising vital funds for the Bristol City Centre Hospitals Appeal.

Above & Beyond Community Partnerships Fundraising Officer Natalie Millbank is here with everything you need to know to get started.

Set up your quiz

First you need to decide on your platform - Google Hangout, Zoom, House Party - there's loads to choose from! Some have limits on the number of people or time you can spend so check what you're allowed before you sign up.

Once you have the link or password, send it out to everyone you want to invite with the date and time of your quiz.

Set an entry price - it could be a price per household or per person, or a voluntary donation - and let everyone know what the prize will be. You could email a certificate, transfer a prize fund or play for pride!

Then pick your theme and write questions. You could include a creative round where people make or draw something and post to Facebook for people to vote for a winner.

Setting up the teams

Make sure everyone who's playing has the app downloaded to their device. They might need a link or a password to get logged in.

Ask your teams to come up with a fun team name - bonus points for puns! 

Depending on how you're charging people, each household or person can give you an email address so you can send a payment request using PayPal, or you can ask them to donate using their team name on JustGiving.

Once the quiz has started

So that everyone can hear the quiz host and everyone else cannot hear conferring, mute all the teams during the quiz rounds.

If the teams want any questions repeated tell your participants to email you while the round is going (check your emails before you end the round). Some apps have a messenger capability instead.

All players should email their answers at the end of every round for you to mark and eventually declare the winner! 

How to make your quiz a little different

There's lots of ways to make your virtual quiz a bit different. What about including some of the following rounds...

  • Weekly fancy dress theme – extra points for the best dressed
  • Show and tell – the most interesting thing in your house
  • Old photo round – family round / ‘guess how old I am in this picture / where was this photo taken?’
  • Pictionary round
  • Create your own background.

Good luck and have fun!