3 June 2020

To celebrate Volunteers Week 2020, our Volunteer Co-ordinator Lindsey tells us all about the benefits of volunteering for Above & Beyond.

Being a Volunteer Coordinator for Above & Beyond has allowed me to meet some amazing people.

In the two an a half years I have been working with the volunteers I am always stunned by the incredible loyalty and dedication of them, some of whom have been with us for ten years or more. In addition, during the lockdown our volunteer community have shared some lovely wellbeing ideas for each other whilst we move toward meeting up again.

Normally, the roles they have are many and varied. Some volunteers come in as much as once or twice a week, others when they are needed most. The weekly volunteers may staff the Fundraising Hub, raising funds in our shop in the BRI, or they come into the office and help us with admin tasks. One volunteer knows the hospitals so well, we rely on her to deliver our messages with leaflets and flyers as she knows the nooks and crannies of the hospitals better than we do!

We also run a book trolley which goes out twice a week around the wards, lending books, offering free newspapers, and selling items from the Fundraising Hub. However, as important is the friendly chat that our volunteers offer to patients who may not see many visitors during their stay in the hospital.

We always need volunteers for our regular bake sales, event support, leaflet drops, celebration evenings, concerts, and collections. We also have over 140 bakers and crafters who make goods for us to sell in the hub and on stalls.

This is what the volunteers say about volunteering with Above & Beyond -

“You meet new people and I suppose it is a feeling of satisfaction that you're helping a little bit. “

Working with the wonderful staff and volunteers at Above & Beyond has been such a rewarding experience.

“It's easy to feel passionate about the charity due to the good work they do for the Bristol hospitals.”

I want to thank them for all their time, hard work and generosity of spirit – they really are wonderful!

If you would like to volunteer in the future and like the sound of some of these roles or have a particular skill to share, please contact me – [email protected] or on 07522 233 353.

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