We hope, by now, that you are already signed up for Above & Beyond’s Bristol to Paris Cycle Challenge 2019. If you’re raring to go, but don’t know where to start from a ‘kit list’ perspective, here are our top ten essential recommendations for you or the cyclist in your life.

1. Chamois Creme

High on the list of items that non-cyclists do not know exists! Chamois Creme is applied sparingly to the riders skin at any point in contact with the saddle that is subjected to friction. It greatly helps prevent pressure sores and keeps the skin in tip top condition. 

Bike Science recommendation: Assos Chamois Creme - £14*

2. Helmet

Modern cycling helmets are light, well-ventilated and, of course, offer head protection in the event of an accident. Our Bristol to Paris riders will be spending a lot of time wearing their helmet in training for next year’s ride, so comfort and fit are a priority. 

Bike Science recommendation: Kask Mojito - £119*

3. Lights

The dark nights are now well and truly with us. Not only is it illegal to ride at night without lights, it’s plain daft too. We’d also recommend having a flashing red rear light on in the daytime, especially through the winter months. Rechargeable L.E.D lights are inexpensive and highly effective.

Bike Science recommendation: Lezyne KTV Rear Light £19.99* and Front Light £21.99*

4. Reflective Gillet

A gillet (or sleeveless jacket) is one of the most versatile items of clothing available to a cyclists. They’re light, windproof and perfect for chilly early mornings. They can then be easily packed away in a pocket when the weather warms up.

Bike Science recommendation: ProViz Reflect 360 Gillet - £55*

5. Gloves

Cycling in the winter is hard on the hands. Windproof insulated gloves are an absolute must when the temperature drops. The ideal cycling glove should be warm, without being bulky, and offer good freedom of movement to allow safe operation of gears and brakes.

Bike Science recommendation: Assos Rain Gloves - £50*

6. Multi Tool

We’ll be inviting all Bristol to Paris riders to our 'Basic Bike Mechanics' sessions over the coming months. High on the list of essentials to help keep bikes up and running is a simple 'Multi Tool'. Multi Tools offer the most important basic tools in a small and very easy to carry package. A must for all our riders.

Bike Science recommendation: Lezyne Rap6 Mini Multi Tool - £13*

7. Pump and Puncture Repair Kit

Even with the high levels of puncture resistance afforded by decent quality tyres, the 'P Word' is unfortunately an occasional inevitability. Our all-in-one kits provide everything the unlucky rider needs to change a flat.

Bike Science recommendation - Zefal May Day Repair Kit - £22.99*

8. Socks

Comfy feet equals comfy miles. You can never have too many quality cycling socks. Good cycling socks are not bulky and wick sweat away from the foot efficiently allowing the skin the breath.

Bike Science recommendation: Chapeau! Lightweight Performance Socks - £9.99*

9. A Bike Fit

Bike Science is one of the UK’s leading specialists in bike fitting. A bike fit adjusts the positioning of components on the bike to ensure that the rider is comfortable, efficient (such that they find riding the bike less effort) and less prone to risk of injury.

Bike Science Precision Bike Fitting - Prices from £89.99**

10. A New Bike!

Who doesn’t dream of getting a new bike for Christmas? At Bike Science we offer a wide range of bikes to suit riders from complete beginner to expert racer. Our service includes free fitting with every bike to ensure comfort over those long miles on the way to Paris.

Read more about our process to get you on your ideal bike.

* Above & Beyond Bristol to Paris Cycle Challenge participants receive a 10% discount in our Whiteladies Road shop.

** Above and Beyond Bristol to Paris Cycle Challenge participants receive a 20% discount on all of our bike fitting services.

- By Andy Sexton, founder and owner of Bike Science.

Bike Science is supporting the Bristol to Paris Cycle Challenge for the fourth year. Find out all you need to know about the fifth anniversary ride here.