17 June 2021

If you’re hosting your NHS Big Tea party online, there’s still plenty of ways to have fun and raise money for Bristol city centre hospitals. Who’s not having fun when there’s cake involved?

Here our Community Partnerships Fundraising Officer Natalie is sharing her 10 best tips to have a tea-riffic online tea party.

  1. Host a live bake-a-thon

Are you a pecan pie pro or an egg-pert in egg custards? Why not host a live bake-a-thon for your friends. They could pay a donation to take part and learn to make their favourite sweet treats.

  1. Host a quiz

Test to see if you friends know their macarons from their macaroons by hosting a cake-themed quiz.

  1. Mini hampers

Make up some mini hampers of cream tea and have them delivered to those attending. You could charge them a fee to cover your costs, plus a donation to Above & Beyond.

  1. Biscuits bingo

Send your tea party attendees a bingo card featuring a range of different biscuits. Get those biscuits in stock and pull them out of a hat. The first one to call biscuit bingo wins.

And the best part? You get to eat the biscuits as you call them!

  1. Arts and crafts

Try your hand at mug painting or some other arts and crafts while you’re at your tea party. There’s lots of kits available online for you and your friends to try out.

  1. Fancy dress

Give your tea party a theme – whether it’s wigs, hats or face paint. If anyone attending doesn’t join in, get them to pay a penalty in the form of a donation to Above & Beyond.

  1. Mindfulness session

The last year has been extremely challenging for so many people. Why not get your friends, family or colleagues together for a cup of tea and a mindfulness session.

Once the session has finished, people can make a donation to Bristol’s hospitals to say thanks.

  1. Scavenger hunt

Celebrate the NHS Big TeaSomeone reads out a tea-themed item from a list (teapot, saucer, biscuits, an item the colour of a rainbow etc.) and then it’s a race to find it!

Source a small prize that can be posted to the winner and charge people to take part.

  1. Sweepstake

Download the Above & Beyond tea and toast sweepstake and play online. You can choose who features on the sweepstake and everyone can pay £2 to guess how they like their tea and toast.

Whoever guesses correctly gets half the prize pot with the rest going to Above & Beyond.

  1. Share your pictures

Use our Big Tea backgrounds to brighten up your online party and don’t forget to share your pictures using the hashtag #BigTeaBristol. We can’t wait to see what you’ve been up to!

Everyone who signs up to host an NHS Big Tea party will be entered into a prize draw to win a year’s supply of tea from Bristol Twenty Tea & Coffee Co. So what are you waiting for?

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