The uncertainty of the coronavirus pandemic has affected each and every one of us in different ways. With restrictions on travel and social distancing, many fundraisers or events have been cancelled or postponed.

Whether you’re thinking of new ways to stay connected with your friends and family, or need motivating to keep fit and active, with a little help from technology and some creative thinking there are lots of way you can show your support and raise vital funds for your hospitals virtually.

Once you’ve decided on your fundraiser, simply set up your JustGiving page – write an attention-grabbing headline, add pictures and share the link with all your friends and family. You can also create an ‘event’ on Facebook to invite your friends and share updates.

Whatever you raise will make a real difference to staff and patients at Bristol city centre hospitals and will help to improve patient care – thank you.

Here are some fun and easy virtual fundraising ideas to inspire you to get started:

Challenge 13 – the virtual fitness challenge

Can you take on Challenge 13 and help the 13,000 NHS staff working across our hospitals?

You can support them – and the patients they treat – by choosing your own challenge based on the number 13.

Walk 13,000 steps a day for a month, cycle 130 miles, hop 1.3 kilometres or run 13 laps around your garden, 1.3min planks a day for a month. You could climb 13 flights of steps or hula hoop 130 times - - the possibilities are endless.

Make the challenge your own and be as creative as possible around the number.

Do it on your own, or get a whole team of friends, family or colleagues involved and see how much you can raise for Bristol city centre hospitals. We can’t wait to see what you come up with!

A virtual race

Has your race been cancelled? Many races are now offering a virtual option including the virtual London Marathon, or the Bath half virtual series which has a run/walk for all abilities (5K, 10K or Half Marathon).

The benefit of a virtual event is that you can go at your own pace, do it in a location of your choice, all while helping to keep you stay motivated while at home.

A sponsored month

Get sponsored to quit something you love for a month or take it one step further and quit for the length of lent. Whether that is chocolate, alcohol, going vegetarian, quitting smoking, or even get sponsored to stop shaving and let your ‘tache grow out.

Meditation challenge

The lockdown has had quite an impact on our mental health however setting yourself a sponsored challenge to meditate or do yoga every day for 30 days will help form new habits to improve your well-being while raising vital funds for your hospitals.

Declutter for charity

Have clothes or bric-a-brac that you haven’t worn or used in a while? Have a clear out and sell your pre-loved items on Ebay or Facebook Marketplace and donate the proceeds to charity. Not only will you have made space in your closet, but you will have also helped to make a difference to patients and NHS staff in Bristol.

Donate your commute

Have you joined the thousands who are now working from home? Donate the money you have saved on fuel, transport or the coffee you used to buy on your way to work to help support your local NHS.

Use your skills

Use your creative talent or start a new hobby to help fundraise for hospitals. Whether that is baking, sewing, knitting, or drawing, you could create a sponsored challenge, an online raffle or price draw, or sell what you make to help raise money.

Sing or play an instrument? Have a virtual gig and donate the admissions to charity.

Virtual quiz or games night

Be a quizmaster and get your friends and family involved for some virtual fun. Whether you create a quiz, do an online raffle or play games, you could encourage those participating to make a donation to your fundraiser.

Birthday fundraisers

Birthday coming up? Why not set up a Facebook fundraiser and ask for a donation instead of gifts this year. It is super easy to set-up and you can find more information on Facebook fundraisers here.

Or if your birthday plans have been affected by the lockdown, you could connect with your family and friends by hosting a virtual birthday party including games, a quiz, film night or dinner party while raising money on your JustGiving page.

Dress up Friday

Working from home? Get your team involved by dressing up one day to raise money. You could all dress in blue for your NHS, put your finest clothes on or dig out the fancy dress from the back of your wardrobe. Include a virtual coffee morning on Zoom to share your looks with each other and increase donations. 

Virtual collections

Bucket collection may not be possible at this current moment in time however you can still show your support with an online collection without leaving your house. Find out more about creating our virtual collection here.

Decided on your fundraiser?

Tell us about your event so we can help support you along the way with fundraising hints and tips.

Tell us about your event

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