4 February 2022

This World Cancer Day James Iddon, NHS Matron and patient at Bristol Haematology and Oncology Centre, shares his story. Sadly, in May last year, James received the devastating diagnosis that not only had his cancer returned, it is now terminal. 

Despite his diagnosis, James has continued to do incredible things for the NHS while fundraising for Bristol & Weston Hospitals Charity. We want to do all that we can to support more patients like James and help bring moments of joy, comfort and hope when they need it most.


James' Story

"Today is World Cancer Day. I know first-hand the impact cancer can have on your life.

In 2019 I found a lump in my neck. I told myself it was a cyst. I told myself I was getting on with it. But it was a lump. I was dealing with a lump.

As a Matron the in the NHS, I’ve come across enough cancer in my career. Once you get that cancer diagnosis, it doesn’t really matter that you’re a healthcare professional.

It has a massive ripple effect through your life and through the lives of all those who are around you - my wife, my children. It has a huge knock-on effect to your wellbeing, and I think you can’t underestimate that. It’s a life-changing diagnosis. It is a journey.

From that moment you find out you start walking down a path and you hope that your treatment is going to beat it. But for me, the diagnosis is terminal.

The fact that every single one of the staff did their job with a smile on their face – it just made the whole thing so much more bearable.

I have benefitted from so many kind and competent professionals that I think anything that can be done to aid their ability to do what they do is really important.

This World Cancer Day I’m asking you to make a donation to help NHS staff in Bristol and Weston give the best care to patients like me."


Thank you James for sharing your story and for everything you are doing to support your local hospitals.