At last year's Christmas Start Concert, 11 year old Zoe wrote and read a poem entitled Thank You for the Bristol Heart Institute staff who saved her dad Jonny. 

Thank You

"There's snow in winter, it's a family occasion
There's Santa and presents, it's the perfect equation.

There's reindeer and bob sleighs and a woolly pom-pom hat,
But what about the poorly, have you thought about that?

Not long ago, my father lay frail
In a hospital bed - so sick, so pale
There was an operation, about to be
But Dad was ready, that I could see. 
But what if it went wrong and he didn't come out?
I was starting to think, and I was starting to doubt.

But it all came good with fun and laughter
And our little family lived happily ever after.

So to all the doctors and surgeons and nurses 
And to all the kind people who donate from their purses

To all the paramedic teams who respond
To all the volunteers that go above and beyond

For making my dad once more brand new
From deep in my heart I would like to THANK YOU!"

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