The Covid-19 Response Fund was set up as an emergency fund during the height of the coronavirus pandemic. It was available for any member of hospital staff to quickly access money for items and initiatives that improved the wellbeing of their colleagues and patients.

Thanks to the money donated to the Bristol City Centre Hospitals Appeal, we were able to support staff in the areas hardest hit, with sofa beds for rest, fridges to keep food and drink cool during long shifts, microwaves and special extras like coffee machines, plants, radios, and other tools to aid rest and relaxation.

What we funded

  • Cloth bags for the families of deceased patients to take home their belongings; a project which weCloth bags for patients at BHOC are now looking to roll out across the Trust.
  • The Boredom Buster, a 48-page newspaper full of activities for patients during their stay.
  • Wobble rooms for staff to take some time out away from wards or staff rooms
  • Innovative research projects, including a self-cleaning mask and a project looking into why some people have a more severe reaction to the disease than others.

In addition to this, we have committed to funding a three-year wellbeing scheme, accessible to every member of UHBW staff. The scheme includes psychological, physical and emotional support for staff, all over and above what the NHS alone can provide.

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Covid-19 Impact Report

If you want to apply for items or initiatives from the fund, please contact [email protected].