With your consent, we will contact you to let you know about the impact we are making and to ask for donations or other support. We make it easy for you to tell us how you want us to communicate, in a way that suits you. Our forms have clear communication preference questions and we include information on how to change your preferences (e.g. opt out) on each piece of marketing we send you. 

We also have a Supporter Survey which we may send you as a way of finding out your communication preferences. 

If you don’t want to hear from us any more, please just let us know and we will update your records and we will no longer contact you.  You can email [email protected], telephone us on 0117 927 7120 or complete a form we may have sent you.

We have not, and will not sell or share personal details with third parties for their own marketing purposes.

If we run an event in partnership with another organisation, your details may need to be shared, for example the Great Weston Ride cycle series. We will be very clear about what will happen to your data when you register.

We only share data where we are required by law or with carefully selected partners who do work for us, for example, mailing companies who send out large mailings for us because we cannot do ourselves. All our partners are required by their contract with us to treat your data as carefully as we would, to only use it as instructed, and to allow us to check that they do this.