Suzi joined as a volunteer in 2015, after becoming a grandma and caring for her elderly mother decided that paid employment was no longer practical. Suzi previously worked for the NHS, so chose to volunteer with us to continue helping our hospitals.

We spoke to Suzi about her time volunteering:

“I started helping out with admin in the office and now my main task is to man the Fundraising Hub at the BRI twice a week. In May 2016, I ran the Bristol 10K for Above & Beyond, because I can and because it is worth every painful step! I even get to bake cakes for the cake sales that we host in the BRI - baking is my favourite past time! There’s also lots of cheering to do at various running events, selling raffle tickets at street parties, a day at the races, a music event or two, and a lot of laughing and meeting new people. Now who could say no to that!

It is very comforting to know that there is a charity in place that provides our hospitals with just that little bit extra for when we need it most. It is well worth doing the tour of the hospital when you start as a volunteer, as you can witness just how much the charity has done for the hospitals so far, it is a real eye opener. The very fact that we shall all need the services of our hospitals in some form or another throughout our lives makes volunteering for Above & Beyond a bit more personal.“

Find out more about volunteering with us here.