Indentifying the need to provide better information about the maintenance phase of treatment for acute lymphoblastic leukaemia (ALL) to patients and their support network of family, friends and teachers, the TYA team at Bristol Haematology and Oncology Centre requested funding from Bristol & Weston Hospitals Charity to help them create a series of simple accessible and shareable videos. 

A group of young patients who were in the maintenance phase, or had recently completed this treatment, were selected to workshop ideas, with staff and an external film company, around what it feels like to undergo treatment, practical needs that arise, and the challenges and highlights faced during maintenance. 

Three videos have now been created to provide a better understanding of longevity of treatment, side effects and the impact on daily life.

Hannah Lind, TYA Youth Support Co-ordinator said:

The end result was three lovely two minute videos which will be able to be shared widely on social media. The videos are perfect for young people to show to their supporters, as well as for ALL patients about to start their maintenance phase of treatment in knowing what to expect and why it's so important.

The videos will be made widely available in Spring, so we'll update you with the end result and the difference this makes to young patients with cancer. 

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