New lockers for PICU replace those which had not been updated since the unit opened in 2001.

14 new lockers have been funded for the Paediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU).

While the lockers are used for patient belongings, they are mainly used by staff to prepare medication, complete documentation and store consumables. This ensures staff have all the essential items in the bedspace and do not need to leave the child’s bedside on a regular basis.

Preparing medication

The main use of the lockers is to prepare medication, which should take place with the patient’s prescription chart in full view.

Previously PICU staff were not able to do this as they use computerised charting and the old lockers could not fit next to the computers. 

The new lockers have a moveable component to them which enables staff to move them to the computer and prepare the medication in front of the prescription charts, resulting in adherence to Trust policy.


The new lockers are brightly coloured and child-friendly. They present a less clinical image for children who are already scared and frightened.

Dr Matt Christopherson, Clinical Lead on PICU, said: 

The lockers really have transformed the look and feel of the unit and are a significant improvement on what we had previously.  They are much easier to clean and, with a few changes in our processes, will increase the efficiency for restocking thus ensuring that we can focus on the clinical care of the child in the bed.

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