The Snowdrop Team was set up in June 2023 to provide support to families from the point at which it’s sadly identified that their baby has died, throughout their care within the hospital and into the postnatal period up to the point of about six months. 

We feel it’s a privilege to support parents and families through such a difficult time in their lives. The difference this project will make for these families is huge. When they’re going through one of the worst possible experiences in their lifetime, they’ll be able to have a space and an environment where they can spend time together as a family and make memories together that will last a lifetime for them.

Working across Bristol and Weston, the team is made up of Elle and Maddie. They guide families through their bereavement journey and provide ongoing support. They’re the main port of call for families to call on and to answer questions. 

The care and dedication of UHBW’s Snowdrop Team is second to none, but the eight spaces they have to deliver that care are cold, isolating and lonely. 

Please support our Snowdrop families and help them create memories to remember. 

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Snowdrop Appeal The bereavement spaces at St Mikes Hospital Fundraise for the Snowdrop Appeal