In 2016, the Microwave Ablation Appeal raised £25,000 for a new Microwave Ablation Machine. We're so grateful for the generosity of our supporters, this couldn't have happened without people like you.

Microwave Ablation technology has pin-point accuracy to treat certain types of cancer tumours. It is often a patient’s only option to continue their cancer treatment, especially if they have already endured surgery and chemo or radiation therapy. The treatment is minimally invasive, so no surgery, no long stay in hospital and the chance of a cure. 

Thankfully with your support we were able to buy the team at the BRI  their own machine and they’ve been helping patients from Bristol and the South West since July 2017.

So far, the new scanner has destroyed tumours for 14 liver cancer patients. The team are so pleased with the performance of the new equipment that there are plans to extend the service to patients with lung cancer.

“Ablation procedures usually only require a short general anaesthetic and post procedure recovery is very quick, with just a brief overnight stay. This means patients can get home quickly and frees up beds for other patients.

“We are hoping to be able to perform ablations as day cases very soon making the experience for patients even better.”

- Dr Huw Roach, Radiology Consultant

Here Sister Angelita De Jesus talks in more detail on the benefits of the scanner.

John received microwave ablation treatment

John, pictured with his wife Ann, was recently given the all clear after being treated with the new microwave ablation machine for his liver cancer:

John and his wife Ann

“I was extremely impressed by the ease with which I was treated. With the new scanner the radiology department will be able to treat even more people who can all benefit from a much simpler procedure than an operation with a lengthy recovery time.

“I am so grateful to the team at the BRI who treated me. The cancer tumour in my liver was blasted with microwaves and destroyed thanks to the specialist machine they used. I think my wife was more nervous than me, but she was happy to have me home by lunchtime the next day!”

Please continue to help treat patients like John

Every time a patient is treated by this potentially life-saving equipment, a new probe is required. Each new probe costs £1,000.

Please could you help continue to provide this treatment by giving a gift today?  We know it will help to save lives. Thank you.

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