The Sunflower Ward at Bristol Royal Hospital for Children has a new playroom thanks to generous donations from our supporters.

The old playroom was very basic and not a workable environment for the patients, as the majority use wheelchairs and use the playroom for playing, as well as a dining room.

A patient uses the new Sunflower Ward playroomMany patients are on Sunflower Ward for more than six months and a normal daily routine including eating together, watching TV, playing together, is encouraged as this increases the patients’ social skills and recovery. The new playroom is multifunctional and caters for all ages from toddlers to teenagers.

Isaac Cooke-Karn, Health Play Assistant on the ward, said: "During the height of the pandemic, Sunflower Ward was used for Covid A&E, with the playroom having to be stripped bare for use as a staff room.

"Once the ward reopened for neurological rehabilitation, we were able to use the playroom again. Though we could do sessions in there, it definitely was no longer inviting. The refurbishment really was a night and day difference, allowing for a real place to experience play, relax, and ensure the natural need for play could be carried out in a safe welcoming environment."

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