Above & Beyond supporters have funded a series of pre-operative films to help patients prepare for hospital visits.

The films cover common procedures and visits including day surgery, admittance to the intensive care unit, elective sections and epidurals, with the aim of reassuring and educating patients and their families.

Led by UH Bristol staff, the films provide information about all aspects of a forthcoming visit such as an introduction to the ward, which staff will be attending to patients during their stay and instructions regarding medication and food intake before procedures.

A need for more pre-op patient information was identified following feedback from out-patient surveys. The films are intended to increase patient knowledge and lead to more efficient treatment.

Dr Rebecca Leslie, a consultant anaesthetist in the pre-operative assessment unit who helped co-ordinate the films alongside Jones Millbank, said: 

"We created these films to allow our patients to visualise what will happen when they come into UH Bristol for a number of common procedures. Not only will the films help our patients be better informed and prepared for their hospital visit, thereby lessening some of the anxiety involved, but staff will also be able to perform their roles more effectively."

The films are available on the UH Bristol website, on UH Bristol apps and via tablets provided to patients during their consultations. 

Watch the day surgery film below: 

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