12 March 2021

Bath Motor Club has raised £360 for the Bristol Heart Institute (BHI).

The car enthusiasts club (pictured prior to the pandemic) chose to raise money for the hospital after a member’s wife was treated at the hospital at the end of last year.

To fundraise the club organised a virtual navigational scatter. A navigational scatter involves solving some navigation techniques to a given location, driving there and looking for clues relating to something of interest.

The virtual navigation scatter uses Google Maps and Street View to find the clues anywhere in the world.

Event organiser Martin Moore said: “When we were organising this event my wife was rushed in the BHI cardiac intensive care unit, where she spent a month.

“We had some members who wanted to pay an entry fee for the event, but as we don't normally do that, we decided to ask for donations to the BHI instead as we were very grateful for the care and support they gave to both my wife and me.

“Whilst we were running the event another club member contacted me to tell me his wife was also in the BHI at the same time as my wife and we shared this with our members which resulted in even more donations.”

For this event the club members had 10 days to solve the clues, which led them to the Isle of Wight and Hartland Point in Devon.

Martin said: “My wife and I enjoyed running these events as it gives people something to do during the lockdowns and keep their brains (and ours) active in a period where mental health could be an issue. It’s a bit of escapism as you travel the streets of the world on Google Maps at a time when you are not allowed to stray far from home!” 

All the money raised will make a real difference to patients at the BHI.

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