16 November 2020

A patient at Bristol Royal Infirmary has taken part in Cycle Against Cancer, raising £345.

Evie Hurstwood is treated at the hospital for Primary sclerosing cholangitis (PSC), a condition which causes scarring to the bile ducts.

Despite being in hospital 'more times than she can count' in the last six months, Evie took part in the challenge with her mum, Cathy.

She said: 

I've had the best of care from an amazing medical team - my consultant and specialist nurse in particular are incredible, and I could not have got through this without them. I'm taking part in the fundraising as a way of saying thank you to everyone at the BRI who has helped me over the years. I am overwhelmingly grateful for the care I've received.

"During my hospital stays, I have met many patients suffering from cancer. Despite everything, they face every day with extraordinary amounts of bravery and resilience. They are some of the kindest people I've ever met, and I wish to help them in any way I can. I'm doing this for them."

Evie and her mum completed the 450km cycle, the same distance as from Bristol to Paris, throughout September and October.

Evie added: "My mum and I have both really enjoyed this challenge. Months of illness and stressful hospital trips have taken their toll, so it was lovely to take part in a non-medical activity together. Our mental health has definitely improved during this challenge.

"Personally it has been really rewarding to feel my strength and health return after so many months of sickness and inactivity. Knowing that I'm doing something that is not only beneficial for myself but beneficial for others too is a wonderful feeling. It is incredibly satisfying to watch both the miles and the donations increase.

"The only downside was the weather, which thwarted many of our plans to cycle outside! Fortunately our exercise bike meant we could keep cycling indoors.

To anyone else thinking of doing a charity challenge - go for it! It's a fantastic challenge to be taken on either by yourself or with a group. In this uncertain time, we need to connect with friends and family more than ever, and we also need to think about how to help strangers - especially those who are vulnerable - as much as possible. A charity challenge is a perfect way to accomplish both of these goals.

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