Dr John Moppett is the UK lead for the next clinical trial for a rare form of childhood leukaemia. The study currently involves 13 countries and over 1000 patients, of which more than 400 will be from the UK.

The J & M Britton Charitable Trust has offered continued support to leukaemia research in our hospitals since 2008 and recently donated £7,000 to support our hospitals. £5,000 of this generous donation has been awarded to Dr Moppett to help fund his new research.

As the lead applicant for funding in the UK, Dr Moppett will be working with the UCL Cancer Trials Centre to put in a full funding application with Cancer Research UK. If successfully funded, the trial will provide research opportunities and world leading treatment for children and young adults aged 1 to 24.

Above & Beyond has a long history of investing in innovative research and for every £1 that we put into pump-priming research projects, researchers are able to leverage up to £16 in further funding. We wish Dr Moppett success in his research application.

We want to say a massive thank you to the J & M Britton Charitable Trust for its continued support and this generous donation which will make a huge difference to patient care now and in the future. The remaining £2,000 of the donation has been allocated to the running of the new Bone Marrow Transplant Unit, one of the key projects funded by our Golden Gift Appeal.