25 May 2021

Laughing yoga sessions have been delivered to University Hospitals Bristol and Weston NHS Foundation Trust (UHBW) staff thanks to Above & Beyond.

49 members of staff attended across the six sessions delivered by Joe Hoare, the laughter yoga trainer.

A member of the wellbeing team at UHBW, who organised the sessions, said: “As many of our staff were feeling the strain of working through the pandemic, and some had been asking for something to ‘lighten the mood’, it was decided that sessions to reduce stress in the moment might be helpful. Sessions were scheduled to allow choice of lunchtime or evening sessions intended to suit those working different shift patterns.”

The session was great to get the team together and give them something to focus on away from the heavy workload on the wards at present.

Sessions lasted 45 minutes and were attended by staff from all divisions in Bristol city centre hospitals.

Comments included that the sessions helped them to de-stress, relieve physical tension and that they felt happier and more invigorated afterwards.

The last year has been the hardest in history for our NHS, which is why Above & Beyond is supporting staff wellbeing.

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