A live waiting room information system and air conditioning units have been installed in the BRI’s Emergency Department (ED) to provide up-to-date information about waiting times and a more comfortable environment for patients, relatives and staff.

Both elements will promote a calmer environment in which patients are better informed and less likely to boil over in hot, stressful conditions.

“This has a massive impact on the staff working in our department and they have already noticed that patients seem more informed and more satisfied with the care and the environment that they’re in.” – Jo Lloyd-Rees, Jo Lloyd-Rees, Matron at the ED.

It is the last stage of a refurbishment which began with the installation of innovative information boards designed to guide patients through the process of assessment, treatment and discharge so they are able to better understand the time they spend in hospital.

The refurbishment and improvements, made possible thanks to a generous donation from Bristol entrepreneur Ian Johnson, also included a much-needed redecoration of the ED, artwork to line the walls and the use of dementia-friendly colours in cubicles. With NHS budgets unable to stretch so far, these improvements really do make a difference to the environment shared by patients, their loved ones and the staff that work there.

To complete the transformation of the ED, the Relatives and Friends Room has been modernised and redecorated with money raised during the Golden Gift Appeal. Willis Newson designed a beautiful room which is the clean, safe and comfortable space needed for relatives awaiting and receiving difficult news.

“Before, it was very dark, untidy and very warm. Now we’ve got a light, airy space that’s got some beautiful artwork that appeals to lots of different age groups and enables us to share and break distressing news with relatives and friends of patients in a more suitable space. It’s had a massive impact and the staff are really proud now that this is part of our emergency department.” - Jo Lloyd-Rees, Matron at the ED.

Your donations – whether major gifts, like Ian’s, or smaller contributions – all come together to make a huge difference to the experience of patients, their family and friends, and staff.

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