20 May 2020

Thanks to donations to the Bristol City Centre Hospitals Appeal and a grant from NHS Charities Together, Above & Beyond and University Hospitals Bristol and Weston NHS Foundation Trust have worked together to develop a wellbeing plan to help NHS staff deal with the long-term effects of the COVID-19 outbreak., 

“This scheme will enable us to give staff at UHBW the support they need to recover both physically and emotionally from the impact of the pandemic."

Within the first eight months of launching, 463 NHS staff have already accessed the services in the wellbeing programme.

The programme includes psychological and physical support and healthy lifestyle initiatives to benefit staff working at UHBW in the immediate, medium and long-term, all over and above what the NHS alone can provide.

Initiatives include staff counselling sessions, a wellbeing role and a health MOT screening nurse.

Sam Chapman, head of organisational development at UHBW, said:

Staff across the Trust have been working under extraordinary circumstances recently and we want to ensure they are able to continue delivering an outstanding standard of care.

“As well as positive psychological health, this framework brings in physical wellbeing and healthy lifestyles, which are of equal importance during and after the pandemic.

“It’s fantastic to have this long-term commitment from the Trust and Above & Beyond to ensuring both current and future staff remain physically and psychologically well in our hospitals.”

Above & Beyond also set up the COVID-19 Response Fund so that any member of hospital staff can quickly access money for items and initiatives that improve the wellbeing of their colleagues and patients.

Julie Worrall, Above & Beyond director of fundraising and development, said: “Not just in Bristol, but across the country, NHS staff have been dealing with the increased pressure of the COVID-19 outbreak in addition to all the day-to-day pressures they already face.

“We’re also investing in innovative research to protect hospital staff and our communities now and in the future.

“None of this will be possible without continued support from the people of Bristol, Weston and beyond.”

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