8th May 2024

Bristol & Weston Hospitals Charity is delighted to announced a new Charity of the Year partnership with the City Girl Network.

The mission of the City Girl Network is to help women, non-binary and trans femmes feel more connected to their local communities, grow their confidence, and feel empowered, educated and supported to live their best possible lives. They run events, create content and manage highly-engaged social media communities, with the launch of a tech platform set for 2025.

The group also have also run a range of health campaigns around combating loneliness, breast cancer awareness, period poverty and cervical screenings. 

Steph Clarke, from the network, said: "Our impact to this point has been helping over 125,000 women across 18 UK communities to find friends, business connections, jobs, housemates, travel companions, businesses, campaigns and charities to support, as well as things to do in their local community and beyond. Bristol Girl is our second largest community but also our fastest growing community within the network showing a real need for the opportunity for connection that we offer to women living in the city. 

We're really happy to be supporting Bristol & Weston Hospitals Charity in their efforts to raise funds for items and spaces for women and members of our community. We're excited to partner up with this amazing organisation and place a spotlight on their women-based projects.

The group will be supporting with fundraising, promotion and volunteering at events.

If you're part of a community group and want to do more to help the health of your local communities, get in touch. We'd love to hear from you on [email protected] or call us on 0117 927 7120.

Pictures by Tamara Lawrence.