17th June 2022

New chemotherapy chairs are now in use on the oncology and haematology day unit (OHDU) at Weston General Hospital.

Chemo chairs at Weston General HospitalThe new chemo chairs provide comfort and flexibility for patients receiving chemotherapy. They have comfortable padded seating and back rest sections, with wide arms to support their arms during chemo. The chairs also have the option to recline and raise the footrest which is invaluable and really appreciated by the patients, especially those in hospital for all day treatments.

Some treatments are administered as injections into the legs, abdomen or buttocks and the patients have to lie flat to maintain the position, the chairs recline completely flat which enables accurate and comfortable positioning of the patient.

Chairs are often moved and staff have experienced that the chairs are easily mobile and secured with their locking caster wheels.

Alison Hatton, Senor Sister on the ward, said: "The previous chairs had become quite shabby and marked, despite cleaning between each patient, and the wheels had become quite difficult to manoeuvre. The new chairs look great and the unit looks more professional and appealing, as well as more hygienic.   

"Both staff and patients are extremely grateful to Bristol & Weston Hospitals Charity for purchasing the chairs for our unit. Thank you."

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