14 January 2021

The Plasma Jet has been funded thanks to generous donations to Above & Beyond. The machine provides innovative treatment for women cervical cancer.

It uses plasma energy to vaporise small sports of cancer from the bowel, spleen and liver, meaning patients spend less time in hospital, have a much lower chance of the cancer returning and have higher survival rates.

Dr Claire Newton, Consultant Gynae-Oncology Surgeon at St Michael’s Hospital, said: “All women having Plasma Jet treatment will benefit from greater certainty of disease clearance.

I have used it on two patients with widespread ovarian cancer. The first patient was surgically resected to nil residual disease that I couldn’t have done without the Plasma Jet. This means her overall survival from the cancer will be improved.

“The other patient saved me from needing to do a bowel resection and give her a stoma as I was able to use the Plasma Jet to get rid of the disease on the surface of the bowel without damaging it. She has just left hospital and is doing very well – her quality of life will be better without a stoma.”

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