The relatives and carers of patients nearing the end of their lives will be offered a 'Comfort Box' to help make their stay in hospital with loved ones more comfortable. 

The boxes, which have been made possible by your support, contain small, comforting items that make a big difference when it is difficult to leave a loved one’s side.

Items include toiletries, such as toothpaste and toothbrush, wet wipes and hand cream; a sleeping mask and ear plugs; and tea, coffee and biscuits. Also included is a leaflet which provides useful information about visiting hours, arranging an overnight stay and where to buy food and drink on hospital sites. 

Staff have also used the funds to purchase special chairs that convert into a bed for visitors staying overnight.

During difficult times, it really is the little things that can make all the difference to a relative’s or carer’s stay on the ward. Having simple amenities such as the ability to make yourself a cup of tea in the early hours without having to leave your loved one’s side is so important. These comfort boxes will allow us to provide the best possible care for the patient and their family, friend or carer when they need it most.

- Sue Coghlan, Sister on Ward 78 at St Michael’s Hospital

Respecting the needs of families and friends of end of life care patients has been cited as one of five priorities in the ‘One Chance to Get it Right’ report by the Leadership Alliance for the Care of Dying People. NHS England has deemed the approach outlined in the report as the touchstone for end of life care for all health and care professionals. As such, a feedback form will be included in the Comfort Box so that hospital staff can evaluate and continually improve relative and carer experience.

Our hospital staff gives excellent care to patients and the Comfort Box will allow them to offer that little bit extra to relatives and carers as well. Providing comfort in times of need is vitally important and, in difficult circumstances, we’re proud to be able to support the staff in going above and beyond what the NHS can provide.

- Paul Kearney, CEO of Above & Beyond

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