A running group have raised £1,000 for the Bristol Heart Institute (BHI).

The Hogweed Trotters raised the money after two of its members were treated at the heart hospital.

Will Gray had a heart attack in 2018 shortly after taking on the Cotswold Relay on 29 June. 

He said: "I knew something was wrong from the start, however although common sense dictated otherwise, I pressed on.

"At the finish, when I should have been throwing everything into the race, I was reduced to a walk. My first heart attack happened shortly afterwards, and the second swiftly after that.

"I was then rushed to the BHI where two stents were fitted and the recovery started immediately.

"I was discharged on the 7 July and after three months of rehab I ran my first competitive team event (we won).

The fact that I was able to get back into racing and normal life so relatively soon after my “event” is testament to the skill and care I received at the BHI, I was very lucky to have a hospital of its high calibre in the vicinity."

Another of the group's members Roxy Oram, works at the BHI.

She said: "I nominated Above & Beyond not only because I work in the BHI in the cardiac therapy team, but because two of my club running mates ending up needing to use the services there in 2018 - I thought giving the money to the BHI was fitting."

For more information about fundraising with your sports team, contact the fundraising team on [email protected]