5 August 2020

Six-year-old Isabelle has been finger knitting rainbows to raise money for the Bristol City Centre Hospitals Appeal

Together with her mum Louise, Isabelle has finger knitted 52 rainbows and raised more than £300.

Isabelle wanted to do something to say thank you to the doctors and nurses.

She said: “Mummy showed me how to do the finger knitting. I have done lots since I learnt my new skill and I am going to make a hat for my little sister in the winter!”

Louise said: "We had some rainbow wool tucked away for a rainy day crafting project, and when everyone started putting rainbows in their windows, we decided to put the wool to good use! We had to learn how to finger knit, but with a bit of practise we got better and better.

"The best part has been meeting lots of our neighbours. Lots of people on our estate bought rainbows and it meant we got to say hello to people that we may not have otherwise met."

Click here to make a donation and support Isabelle's knitting efforts. 

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