31st July 2023

Secondary school students from St Teilo's Church in Wales High School have won a £1,000 grant for The Bridge, Bristol's sexual assault referral centre.

Isabel and Charlotte, aged 14, led on delivering a presentation to year 7s at their school as they wanted to raise awareness around the medical care and emotional and psychological support that The Bridge offers to anyone who has been raped or sexually assaulted.

They chose to discuss the work of The Bridge because they felt it was important to raise awareness that these services are there and accessible for anyone who may experience rape or sexual assault. They shared information to the students on what the money could goes towards at The Bridge including clothing for patients whose clothing need to go for medical examination and toiletries for a shower, toys in the waiting area for children, and enhancements to the environment at The Bridge, including plants, clearer signs, paints and supplies to decorate the walls with a welcoming colour.

A huge well done and thank you to Isabel and Charlotte on their hard work with the presentation and being incredibly brave to discuss the topic of sexual assault in an accessible way for year 7s.

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