15th May 2024

This year we've got a mighty team of 50 taking on the Great Bristol Run to celebrate our 50th birthday. Meet just some of our sprinting superstars who'll be running on Sunday 19th May...

Guy Walker

"Running the Bristol Half for the first time in September 2022 was a challenge, and good to do as a one off I thought! Shortly after that it became apparent there was an issue in my mouth which turned out to be cancer.

The head and neck team at the Bristol Royal Infirmary took amazing care of me through my whole journey and I wanted to find a way to support them.

Sitting in the hospital waiting room I realised this could be a full circle for myself - a challenging personal recovery target of doing the Bristol Half again, and raising money to support the head and neck team’s incredible work. The only slight catch is that Ceri Hughes my consultant jokingly said he expects a personal best from me!

Since telling friends family and colleagues about my goal, it has amazingly become a group of about 25 of us running.

The aim is to raise over £5,000 as a team to purchase a microvascular training station. The equipment will be a fantastic asset to help train and develop the head and neck team undertaking complex surgery that saved me."

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Tommy Ip

Tommy is running Bristol Half Marathon in memory of his mum"I'm running the Bristol Half Marathon in memory of my beautiful mum. Unfortunately we're going to be the annoying people who messes up Bristol's traffic for the day (lets be frank, when is the traffic not messed up?) but in return we will do some good for the community, we aim to raise as much money as possible, specifically and selfishly for the Bristol Haematology and Oncology Centre, since we hold them close to heart.

We've had a rough start to the year, losing our mum to cancer. At the most difficult times the doctors, nurses and staff were all there for us, for the whole family. They made sure we had what we needed, kept us up to date on what's happening, and the most important thing was keeping mum comfortable and well looked after. It really made things easier, not just physically but also emotionally and mentally.

So as a thank you, we are fundraising. In hopes that it can help the department help others. I'm looking forward to raising awareness of the charity - I want people to know how great you guys are!"

Sponsor Tommy

Diagnostics and therapies team

"This is a collective challenge and an opportunity to do something as a team, both to raise money for the hospitals, as well as get us all moving.

Everyone is coming into the 10k with their own goals and experience, so this all comes with its own challenges. Given the work challenges we face week in, week out, it will be nice to support one another in something a bit different and do it as a team."

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We'll be cheering on our squad of runners from Prince Street and you can find us in the charity village - you won't miss our bright yellow gazebo! Come and say hi and give our runners a HUGE cheer if you see them on race day.

A big thank you also goes to our runners from Redcliffe & Temple Business Improvement District.