An Above & Beyond fundraiser has live streamed a gig to raise money for the Bristol City Centre Hospitals Appeal.

Alex Lipinski was due to take part in The Big Bristol Abseil at the end of April as part of a team from Loves Cafe, but instead has been performing on Facebook to people at home.

He said: "The live stream idea came from the fact that I'd normally be playing to a live audience on a Saturday night. Seeing as no-one can get out to watch musicians perform, I decided to set up a live stream from home so people could have the chance to tune in from their living room.

"The first stream had 9,500 views so I did it again the following week. A few people asked about tipping so alternatively I suggested making a donation to Above & Beyond.

"I had a lot of good feedback from people who have been pretty much in their homes all week and wanting something different.

It was definitely weird at first. You finish a song and there's silence, but after a while it becomes normal. You can see people communicating with each other via the comments - there's a strange sense of community and togetherness which comes from it.

Gemma Jenkins, Corporate Partnerships Officer at Above & Beyond, said: "We've seen so many people wanting to get behind Bristol's city centre hospitals at this challenging time and a virtual gig is a great way to do that.

"Virtual fundraising is a great way to bring people together and stay in touch with friends and family, all while raising vital funds for the Bristol City Centre Hospital Appeal."

This weekend, Alex's brother Adam is performing a live stream to benefit the Appeal. Click here for more information.

Click here to donate to the Bristol City Centre Hospitals Appeal.