Welcome to your Spark 50 challenge

The idea is simple - turn £50 into £500 in 50 days.

Challenge your team’s innovation, creativity and teamwork all while going head-to-head with the brightest companies Bristol and Weston has to offer.  

Bristol & Weston Hospitals Charity is turning 50 this year! For the last 50 years, we’ve harnessed the power of businesses like yours to make a real difference to the health and happiness of your community. Help us continue to go above and beyond for the next 50 years by joining us in our new challenge, Spark 50. 


Here’s how it worksSpark 50 Company Innovation Challenge for Bristol and Weston Hospitals Charity


If you have any questions, want to find out more or need support about fundraising, please get in touch with [email protected].


Bright Ideas 

We know the businesses of Bristol and Weston are brimming with creative and talented minds, and we want to see what you can do! Here are some ideas to get you started.

BWHC Logo sunburst icon Host a quiz, use some or all of your £50 as a prize, or to buy prize items

BWHC Logo sunburst icon Hold a raffle and use the £50 to buy items (remember, lots of local businesses will donate raffle items/vouchers for free!)

BWHC Logo sunburst icon Host a party with an entry fee

BWHC Logo sunburst icon Set up a second-hand store online or at your work place and sell unwanted clothes

BWHC Logo sunburst icon Pay for your skydive deposit

BWHC Logo sunburst icon Cheese tasting evening

BWHC Logo sunburst icon Buy painting supplies and create an art exhibition

Remember, anything (legal) goes! 
Rory Ireland from Bristol Twenty has already signed his team up to the Spark50 Challenge.  
We are very excited to be part of The Bristol & Weston Hospitals Charity new fundraiser, Spark 50. They are always so great at sparking change, one fundraiser at a time, and this is a great one to get involved with.

Setting up your JustGiving page

Simply click here to set up your Spark 50 JustGiving page.

Once set up, you can share this link with your colleagues and track how much money you've raised so far. To make the most out your fundraising page, here are some top tips to boost your JustGiving page.


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