1. You must conduct all your Spark 50 activities in 50 days.

  2. By registering for this challenge, you are pledging to raise money for Bristol & Weston Hospitals Charity and understand that it is the aim of this challenge to raise as much as possible for your hospitals.  

  3. All activities must be legal, reputable, ethical and fall within charity law. No team may bring BWHC’s name into disrepute in any way whatsoever.

  4. Events and activities should only be undertaken for the benefit of BWHC and the proceeds may not be shared with any other charity or organisation.

  5. BWHC will not be liable for any injury, loss or damage to participants or their property incurred during participation in Spark 50, unless BWHC or their employees cause this through negligence.
  6. All online donations must be tracked through the Spark 50 Just Giving. All offline donations must be declared and added as such on the online donation tracker as an ‘offline donation’.

  7. The money you raise will help our 10 hospitals in Bristol city centre, South Bristol and Weston-Super-Mare and their staff to do even more to treat and care for patients and their families, wherever the need is greatest.

  8. You will need to adhere to any fundraising guidance or advice issued by Bristol & Weston Hospitals Charity in the General Fundraising Terms & Conditions available on the Bristol & Weston Hospitals Charity website and abide by the Code of Fundraising Practice issued by the Fundraising Regulator.

If you’d like to find out more before you sign up, please contact [email protected]. 

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