Three spot monitors have been funded for Ward D703 at Bristol Haematology and Oncology Centre (BHOC).

Some patients having their treatment on Ward D703 are required to isolate in special rooms on the ward to aid their recovery.

Tracey with the spot monitorThe spot monitors are required for patients to be checked within the isolation rooms. The equipment consists of a monitor that will record blood pressure, heart rate and also temperature and oxygen saturation levels - all of which can be captured within a minute.

Previously, the hospital did not have enough for one per patient.

Tracey Arthur, an Advanced Clinical Practitioner at BHOC, said: "The benefit of this new equipment will mean that patients can be monitored in each isolation room and a device will be available for each individual patient. 

"Sometimes patients have had to share a device which will mean nurses looking for one. Once they have found it they will need to  clean prior to use, then clean following use. Therefore having one at every bedside or room will mean that there will be no delay in recording observations and sharing of devices."

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