Starlight Ward at Bristol Children's Hospital has been provided with a new interactive projector, funded by donations to Bristol & Weston Hospitals Charity.

A patient uses the projectorThe projector is an interactive floor system, projecting images and videos across the floor, where the patients can engage with the various activities.

Activities can be educational and fun. For example the children can play football, colour in pictures, create fireworks or play musical instruments.

The patients play the games by moving which means there are a wealth of interactive experiences for all individuals, regardless of their abilities. It is also easily movable, meaning staff can take the projector into individual patients' rooms. 

The benefits

The benefits include:

  • Helping to keep the patients active
  • Distraction from pain and procedures
  • Entertainment, particularly for patients who have long stays.

Alongside these, it provides opportunities for siblings to engage in play and offers sensory activities for patients with additional needs.

The projector is social, so it helps young patients to make friends and allows a more normal environment for them.

Sian Manning, Oncology Play Assistant, said: "It allows play for all, as it encourages patients, siblings and staff to play with it. By having one on Starlight Ward, it means that we do not have to share with other wards and therefore avoid any cross contamination.

"Some of our patients, especially our bone marrow transplant patients, are on the ward for several months, so this piece of equipment will add something different to their day to day and encourage play for them."

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