Bristol & Weston Hospitals Charity funded the venue hire costs for a support group for metastatic breast cancer patients.

'Living with Secondary Breast Cancer' is a six-month programme of support delivered by charity Breast Cancer Care. Sessions take place in a safe environment away from the hospital setting and include specialist speakers on a bi-monthly basis and a facilitator to help patients explore the impact of their diagnosis on their every day lives. 

This valuable support service, which is available for up to 14 people each month, is above and beyond what the NHS can provide. Mavis, one of the attendees, said:  

The group is supportive and the facilitator works effectively and sensitively to ensure that everyone can say as much or as little as they want to, and are listened to. We spend a lot of time laughing - so it's definitely not all doom and gloom! There is absolutely no pressure to attend every month or even for the whole of a session; it is left very much up to you and how you feel at the time.

To ensure that patients are able to continue to access support above and beyond what the NHS is able to provide, please donate today