Three-year wellbeing scheme for all staff at University Hospitals Bristol and Weston NHS Foundation Trust (UHBW).

Donations to Bristol & Weston Hospitals Charity have supported a three-year programme of wellbeing support for every member of staff at UHBW

The new programme includes immediate, medium and long-term initiatives to benefit NHS staff, all over and above what the NHS alone can provide. It has been supported by the Bristol City Centre Hospitals Appeal and NHS Charities Together.

Initiatives include staff counselling sessions, a wellbeing role and a health MOT screening nurse.

What the video below, where Sadie Thomas-Unsworth discusses the new programme of support and the benefit to NHS staff.

The impact on staff

Peter Moran, a member of staff at UHBW, took on a new leadership role in March 2020, having previously worked in research. He accessed support from the Consultant Clinical Psychologist, part of the network of support offered to staff through the wellbeing programme. Peter said…

“When I began my new role, it was a massive step up in terms of responsibility. The impact of Covid-19 meant things were uncertain, scary and really tough.

“I took on the immense responsibility of leading a number of teams including staff who had been heavily impacted by the pandemic. They were exhausted, stressed and their wellbeing had been hugely impacted.

I myself became extremely stressed, struggled to see the wood for trees and working late into the night.

I knew it wasn’t sustainable and that I would burn out, so I sought support from the Consultant Clinical Psychologist, Sadie.

“It was so helpful to talk to someone. It gave me clarity and Sadie taught me some great strategies, including self-care and self-soothing. Implementing these strategies helped me to understand the impact of my emotions and learn how to manage them. By supporting myself, I was in a better place to help my staff.

“My experience has had a positive ripple effect and I am noticing that more staff are now seeking out wellbeing support.

“Staff are the NHS’ greatest resource, and I really believe this type of support is an investment. UHBW has the opportunity to lead the way in the support it offers its hospital staff. This will ensure the best patient care and attract the best staff to work here.”

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