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Your business has the power to make a positive impact at our hospitals across Bristol and Weston. Whether you're a sole-trader, small business or larger organisation, we've partnered with Work for Good to make it even easier for you to support your local hospital charity. 

By raising funds through your sales, you can sustainably support Bristol & Weston Hospitals Charity and make a real difference to the lives of patients and staff.

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FUNDRAISING STORYRory from Bristol Twenty

Bristol Twenty Tea & Coffee Co have been raising funds through sales of their charitable coffee blend for five years.

Rory Ireland, son of Roy and director of Bristol Twenty Tea & Coffee Co., said: "We are so grateful for the honour of working with Bristol & Weston Hospital Charity.  

“Every day, we are inspired by the dedication and passion of this incredible team. Together, they are making a meaningful impact on the lives of those in need. Whether it's supporting staff, patients or the hospitals development, the work they do is a testament to the power of collective kindness."



BWHC Logo sunburst icon Flexible fundraising

Your business can give in a way that works for you, with the choice of either a % or £ donation, and you can fundraise at intervals to suit your needs.

BWHC Logo sunburst icon Support and resources

Businesses have one-to-one support from the Work for Good dedicated team and a jam-packed toolkit, to help you maximise your sales fundraising.

BWHC Logo sunburst icon Purpose before profit

Businesses can use the Work for Good logo to publicise your fundraising and demonstrate your purpose and ethos in supporting your Bristol and Weston hospitals. 

BWHC Logo sunburst icon Sharing is caring

Supporters will have a personalised dashboard and a fundraising page to let your customers or clients know that you are working for good.

BWHC Logo sunburst icon Give as you grow

With no minimum donation, your company can give as you grow. From start-ups to sole traders; purposeful intentions can be embraced from the outset.

BWHC Logo sunburst icon Simple yet legal

Work for Good take care of the legal requirement that is needed for sales fundraising, (known as a Commercial Participation Agreement). It is created via the donations form in the time it takes to boil the kettle.


Sales fundraising with Work for Good


Do Great Things. Work for good.

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For more information on how your company can make a difference, get in touch with our corporate team on [email protected].