Workplace wellbeing under £5,000

Please complete this form to request funding for all workplace wellbeing expenditure.

Please note that grant applications will only be considered when they have been seen and accepted by your line manager and evidence to match the costs requested have been attached. Incomplete applications may not be processed and will cause a delay to a funding decision.

  • The charity will not fund any party requests, vouchers for leaving, retirement or thank you gifts, prizes, etc.
  • The charity will not fund anything which has already been ordered/purchased/installed/completed. The applicant must always apply before any money has been spent.

Please read and use the Application Guidelines to help you with completing the form.

Please also read the UHBW Workplace Wellbeing Framework and Annual Plan

Line managers/ Divisional Directors can provide authorisation from UHBW email accounts to [email protected].

Any questions or issues, please contact the grants team [email protected]