3rd October 2023

A short story for Kindle eBook users was published at Easter. Called Kafka encounters the NHS , it describes six days in the life of Clive Stevens, ex Bristol Councillor, and his descent into emotional chaos (and back again). Just £1.99 (Amazon), proceeds go to charity as a way of thanking the Bristol Heart Institute (BHI).

Clive stepped down from Bristol City Councillor duties due to ill health in early 2021. It seems these were more serious than first thought, as we now discover he suffered a heart attack in November 2022. The BHI saved his life, he had to stay in for a second operation. 

The heart treatment at the BHI was efficient and caring. The staff were great, so he determined to raise some money for charity.

By Friday he was still in hospital, so after a good night’s sleep and a decent breakfast he sat on the hospital bed, pulled up the table, opened his laptop and started writing the story of his physical and mental adventures.

This is now a published short story, 55 pages, available as an eBook and already selling. Proceeds are coming to Bristol & Weston Hospitals Charity.

Without giving away any spoilers, it likens Clive to a latter day Franz Kafka. Some of you may know of Kafka’s rages against bureaucracy and his most famous short story is called Metamorphosis and was turned into a film with Jeff Goldblum; The Fly.

This book is great for staff and patients with 50 minutes to spare. There are laughs, sadness, fondness and a shock. 

Kafka encounters the NHS is available for £1.99 via Amazon (Kindle Store).

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