29th March 2022

Ruth Gibson is running TWO marathons to raise money for our hospitals.

Her brother-in-law Nick underwent life-saving surgery at the Bristol Heart Institute after an undiagnosed heart attack and Ruth wants to say thank you for his incredible care.

She said:

The amazing team there not only operated through the night to save him, but continue to provide critical care in hospital as he slowly starts his recovery.  We have all been reminded of how incredible the NHS is during the Covid pandemic, but this has been a reminder of how incredible they always are.

Travelling to Paris this weekend for her first marathon, Ruth has completed a 16-week training programme with a combination of long and short runs and hard intervals.

She said: “With less than a week to go until the first marathon, my training programme is mainly eating and sleeping!

“It's an exciting thing to do when you are surrounded by 40,000 other runners in a beautiful city hoping that all those hours of training on cold winter mornings will pay off.

“Knowing that there are supporters that have donated and that the money raised will go on to change so many lives, it really feels humbling.

“I'm not looking forward to the exhaustion and pain you feel at the end and then knowing I have to do it again three weeks later!” 

Ruth’s second marathon will be in Vienna on 24th April. Donate now and help her finish her miles with a smile!

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