2nd February 2024

John GriffinOn Saturday 30th September, 80 year old John Griffin from Wrington held a mega 12-hour spinathon at the health club and spa, Cadbury House in Congresbury.

John has raised an incredible £8,300 to be split between two charities - Bristol & Weston Hospitals Charity and the Royal Marsden Cancer Charity.

John said: “I’ve been a keen spin cyclist for many years so is the obvious thing to do to raise not only awareness but money for these two incredible charities.

I’m sure there are many people who have personally or know someone who has been helped by the Bristol & Weston Hospitals Charity and the Royal Marsden Cancer Charity is world renowned for its help with young people suffering from cancer.

Back in 2009, John was treated at the Bristol Heart Institute following a heart attack and has numerous procedures at the hospital since. 

“Treatment has been excellent. The staff have been dedicated, committed, focused and considerate. They take great pride in their work. Their teams and all the support staff have kept me alive and able to enjoy an active life."

“I also have a personal connection with the Royal Marsden as my granddaughter who is 13 years old is currently undergoing treatment having been diagnosed back in May, so is certainly close to the heart."

Thank you John and everyone who supported the spinathon.

If 80-year-old John can spin for 12 hours, then you can do that fundraiser you've had in mind! Get started by downloading your fundraising pack.