In September 2013, 40 year old Simon was busy running his distribution company and making time for family life unaware of the pressure he was putting his body under. Whilst having a BBQ with friends he felt an uncomfortable pain in his chest. Thinking it was something he ate he thought nothing of it. Moments later, the pain was so severe his wife took him to A&E. 

During the 10 minute journey, Simon was vomiting, felt dizzy and noticed a shooting pain down his left arm, but he still wasn’t convinced it was a heart attack, not at 40. By the time he reached reception he could hardly talk. After an ECG, staff confirmed the worst and he was immediately taken to Bristol Heart Institute (BHI) and straight into theatre.

“Then came the most efficient process I have ever witnessed. The medical staff were calm, proficient and talked me through every step of the procedure. Within fifteen minutes my stent was fitted to remedy the blocked artery and I was on the Intensive Care Unit.”

Simon Law in rehabilitation unitThe long road to recovery

After his stent was fitted Simon remained in hospital for 10 days.

“Experiencing a critical illness at such a young age was a massive shock to my system. To feel invincible, as we all do to a degree, and then have your life flash before your eyes is not easy to deal with. I experienced both denial and resentment in addition to the physical trauma my body had gone through.”

Simon was helped on his road to recovery by the Cardiac Rehabilitation Team with specific physio and exercises designed to slowly re-build his strength.

A small way to say thank you

Since his heart attack, Simon has been looking for a way to give something back to the hospitals to say thank you for all the excellent care and support they provided in his time of need. He has decided to specifically fundraise £10,000 for the Cardiac Rehabilitation Unit at the BHI.

“For me, this team of dedicated individuals with little resource helped me more than they possibly realised. I owe both my physical and mental rehabilitation to them and would love nothing more than to help them continue to help others like me by fundraising for Above & Beyond.”

To mark the third anniversary of his heart attack, Simon took part in the Bristol Half Marathon in 2016 and continues to fundraise for Above & Beyond.

“I was always someone who naturally disliked running but it has now become a significant activity in my life and was a vital tool in my recovery process. I initially set myself a target of running a 10k and used this goal to rehabilitate.”

A huge thank you to Simon for fundraising for Above & Beyond.

You can support our hospitals by making a single or regular donation or taking part in a fundraising event for Above & Beyond.